About Astrology

Essentially, your astrology chart is a map of YOU.

Astrology is as old as Babylonian times (sometimes dated back as far as 3000 B.C.E!), and as new as this moment. Throughout its history, astrology has evolved and adapted along with science and the cultures it serves.

When you have your chart read, you're taking part in a tradition thousands of years old, and you're tapping into the benefit of those ages of experience in order to navigate your unique path in this lifetime. 

Contrary to (somewhat) popular belief, astrology isn't a fatalistic fortune teller, astrology is a distinct language that shows opportunities, challenges, and chances for growth--it's up to you whether to engage with them or not.

I know what it feels like to not see a clear path forward, or to not understand how your challenges fit the bigger picture of your life.

Perhaps your challenges seem to come from nowhere. Perhaps your challenges seem to be repeating themselves in an energetic echo. Perhaps you look around and see others pushing forward, through, into, and past these same challenges, but you yourself aren't quite ready or sure how.

How can you access your dormant potential?

Where can you lean in to live your most engaged, beautiful life?

What can you do to look within and access your deep, abiding TRUTH?

The answer is within you.

Somewhere, you already know this.

The key is simply to access the tools and techniques that will unlock your greatest potential. The key is to look within your chart to find that the help you seek was inside all along. The key is you, and your astrology chart can help.

And I'm here to help you use that key to unlock your hidden truths, your potential for your best life.


How Astrology Readings Work

It's important to choose an astrology reading that suits your needs. I offer both single sessions and a 3 month premium plan.


Mini Astrology Reading

New to astrology and want to simply know your sun, moon, and rising sign? Or, are you familiar with sun moon and rising and simply want to examine a bite-sized aspect of your chart? Learn about your chart in this quick 30 minute session.



Natal (Birth) Astrology Reading

This is the reading to start with! In this one hour session, journey through your astrology chart in a way that helps you see the layers of connection throughout your chart. Learn to read your personalized 'map'. Get in touch with your tendencies and how you can tap into your potential. 



Astrology Transit Reading

Available if you've already had a natal chart reading. Get in touch with what transits (planetary movements) are coming up for you! Take actions that will benefit the fulfillment of your goals, dreams, and desires. Co-create growth and change with the Universe! In this one hour session, discover the transits that are affecting you, and learn actions you can take to find your greatest potential. in a way that helps you see the layers of connection throughout your chart. Learn to read your personalized 'map'. Get in touch with your tendencies and how you can tap into your potential. 

$150 or $100 if you've already had a chart reading with me.


One Year of Quarterly Astrology Readings

Receive an astrology reading every three months for one full year! Get a handle on understanding and interpreting your chart, and navigate challenging times with the understanding of how the cosmos are supporting you as you go. You’re a part of nature, so understanding how nature’s timing affects you can help you become savvier as you traverse life’s changing times.

Includes: Four astrology readings over the course of one year.

You have a choice to focus on the natal chart, your present transits, or even practical techniques to wake up your chart. You also have the option of replacing one or more of your sessions with an AstroYoga, Tarot, or Yoga session.

Available in-person or online.



3 Month Personal Empowerment Plan

If you're ready to dig in, dive deep, and detox from whatever is blocking your innate wisdom and power from shining through, this 3 month package may be for you. Through this package, we'll meet at a set time every other week for 12 weeks. You'll receive personalized guidance based on your chart, your tarot spread, and your yoga practice. Find:

  • Specific, actionable activities to manipulate your astrology chart and produce massive growth

  • Personalized activities and yoga flows to help you navigate important astrology transits

  • Additional resources, tools, crystals, etc.

What you'll get:

  • Six personalized sessions:

    • Session 1 is an astrology reading where we clarify your goals for our 12 weeks together and peek generally at the highlights of your chart.

    • Session 2 is an astro yoga session where we create a practice for you to flow at home based on your goals. Note: I believe all people can do yoga, and this practice is personally tailored to your needs, not some imagined yogic ideal.

    • Session 3 is an astrology reading where we check in specifically with transits, elemental energies, and tendencies in your chart and tap into specific actions that help you create momentum toward what you most desire.

    • Session 4 is a tarot and numerology session addressing one of your most pressing questions.

    • Session 5 is an astrology reading where we tweak the goals and activities from session 3 and locate new areas for growth.

    • Session 6 is an astro yoga consultation where we create another flow that balances out the flow created in session 2.

  • In between sessions, email check-ins

  • Other abundant surprises to enhance your journey


Talking with Emily about my natal chart was like sitting in a mini-therapy session. I’ve always been an Aries sun who doesn’t entirely feel like an Aries, and now I understand why! Our session left me with a lot of valuable food for thought and a deeper understanding of my place in this world. I would definitely recommend Emily’s services to anyone who’s interested in self-reflection and growth.
— Lindsay

Wondering if an Astrology Reading is for you? See if you identify with the following:

  • You're new to astrology, and you're ready to try a wholistic approach toward self-actualization

  • You've scoured the internet reading automated interpretations of your chart and you're ready for the real deal

  • You're a yoga lover who wants a personalized astrology interpretation that aligns with the universe and your dharma

  • You've had professional readings in the past and you want a fresh take on your transits and/or a refresher on your natal chart

  • You just want to know actions you can take to engage a few key areas in life to make things a little more smooth

  • You've read thus far and you're oh-so-curious


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Astro Yoga FAQs

  • How long is an astrology session? At this time all astrology sessions are approximately an hour. I do build in buffer time in case we have any pressing questions that need to be addressed.

  • How do I get started? You can email me for more info by submitting the form above, or you can click through to schedule an appointment!

  • I'm a yoga teacher, will this be useful to me? YES! I believe yoga teachers benefit immensely from knowledge about the stars and cosmos. Astrology and yoga have a distinct link and it's so much more than phases of the moon (chandra) and sun (surya)!

  • I'm totally new to astrology, can we take it slow? Because sessions are one-on-one, I will read to your desired level of understanding. No matter what your astrological knowledge level--you'll gain a lot of insight!

  • What can I expect? You can expect to advance gain self understanding and if you desire, concrete steps to move forward with your goals.

  • Why do you need to know my birth date, birth location, and time of birth? I need this in order to draw up your astrology chart.

  • What if I can't locate my birth time? We can do an astrology reading without it, and perhaps we can make our best guess at the time. Note: your reading will be most accurate with an accurate birth time.

  • Where do these readings happen? Everyone has the option to meet me online via Zoom, and locals have the option of coming to my office for a reading.

Emily was wonderful! She created a quite, peaceful, safe place for me to explore my questions regarding my path for the next year. Her reading was insightful, interesting, encouraging and spot on with where I am at in my life. Her insights were incredibly helpful to not only provide me with encouragement that I am on the right path, but also brought awareness to possible obstacles, and challenges that could effect the path that I am on.
— Shannon Swanson, Health Coach