Astrology and Tarot


Astrology and Tarot as Sister Disciplines

Astrology and tarot are sister disciplines. The tarot has astrological associations throughout both the major and minor arcana (sections of cards), and interpreting these cards benefits from an understanding of astrology. Likewise, astrology is better understood through the nuanced symbolism of the tarot.

Both astrology and tarot are languages of associations and references. If you want to go deeper into either a tarot card or a astrological planet/house/sign, you nearly always can. I read both tarot and astrology by peeling back layers, one by one, until we (you and I) reach the heart of the matter. Once we reach the heart of the matter, we can then use the materials in the reading (tarot cards or astrology chart) to consider options for responding to situations in a way that fits your goals and personal ethics.

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What is Astrology and How I Practice It

Astrology is the discipline of examining personalities; life and world circumstances; and ideal actions to take in the future according to the relative timing, movements, and angles of the planets and other objects (such as the comet Chiron or our sun). To get the most out of an astrology reading, it’s good to have your natal chart or to know the closest time and location of your birth as possible.  

I practice Western Tropical Astrology. This is a form of astrology that many, though certainly not all, western astrologers keep as their default. So, if you hear someone in North America or Europe simply reference astrology, they likely mean Western Tropical Astrology. Western refers to the tradition (Western astrology rather than Chinese or Vedic astrology) that focuses on signs (Aries through Pisces), houses (12 total, representing different areas of life), and planets (planets, stars, comets, asteroids, and the moon may be included in this). The word tropical refers to the way the zodiac lines up (we are floating in space after all!), and for the tropical approach, we use angles among planets rather than the angles out to the stars (this would be the sidereal approach).


What is Tarot and how I read it

Tarot is a discipline of examining situations, persons, and topics using tarot cards. A tarot deck differs from a normal deck of cards because in addition to the four suits (called the minor arcana) there are an additional 22 cards called the major arcana. The major arcana are sometimes called the keys to the tarot because they represent the major people, cycles, and catalysts in our lives. 

There are many types of tarot decks, and while most follow a similar format and offer similar meanings, it’s good to know what sets a particular deck apart (for example the Crowley-Thoth deck uses a different numbering than the more commonly used Rider-Waite deck). I choose to do my readings with a Rider-Waite or a Gaian tarot deck. I read with the Rider-Waite deck because I find its deep symbolism and clarity to be accessible to many of the people I read for. I read with the Gaian deck because it is more inclusive of age, gender, and ethnic diversity and also depicts scenes from Oregon, which make it feel like home. I have one of my tarot teachers to thank for sharing her enthusiasm of the Gaian deck with me.  If you come for a reading with me and would like to look at one of my decks, please let me know.

Astrology and Tarot Services

astrology and tarot

Natal Astrology Chart Reading, $150

If you're curious about astrology; if you want to understand yourself or a season in your life more intimately; or if you have several questions about things that have happened to you or how you've reacted, this thorough reading of the natal (birth) chart is for you! In this session, I'll walk you through the most important parts of your chart and upcoming planetary transits and how they may affect you. If you have any questions, I'm happy to cater the reading to address them. 

Note: many people choose to get a natal reading anywhere from once in a lifetime to once a year. If you would like more than this, I suggest saving money by purchasing one of my coaching packages, which will give you access to all the information of a reading and allow us to address issues in depth. You can even learn a little about how to read your chart!

Couple’s Astrology Chart Reading, $200

So you're already are interested in astrology, and perhaps you have a partner, child, or friend whose chart you'd love to compare to your own. If you're curious what challenges you two might face and how to overcome them, or if you'd to see how to build on each other's strengths, this comparative analysis is for you (and your partner!). It is possible to do this option with one or both partners present.

Tarot Reading, $50

If you have a specific question or challenge weighing on you, or if you want to connect a burning question to a broader context, a tarot reading is for you. In these readings we discuss your particular question and use the cards and to examine the intricacies of the situation. We also examine which cards are particularly important to you, given your personal numerology and astrology.

Sampler Special, $150

If you just can't decide what you want to do and furthermore don't want to, I've created this option for you! A brief overview of the natal astrology chart and a tarot reading.

Note: Please allow two hours for all astrology/sampler readings and one full hour for all tarot readings, which will be conducted over Skype or FaceTime unless otherwise requested.

Group or Business Astrology Session, $250/hour (2 hour minimum)

Group astrology sessions bring people together, encourage collaborative environments, and offer nonjudgemental ways to discuss interpersonal communication. In these sessions, I guide readings that either focus on a general interpretation, or that explore a specific area (such as business, communication, partnerships, familial circumstances, love, etc). By the end of this session, each person will have a deeper understanding of their own chart, and a better understanding of the differences that make us each distinct individuals who can work and live in harmony. Group astrology sessions are great for people wanting to look more deeply at individual and group dynamics.

Note: before finalizing these sessions, I'll need to know the times, dates, and locations of birth for the group members, so that I can draw up their charts.

Group or Business Tarot Session, $250/hour (2 hour minimum)

Group tarot sessions offer a way to explore and understand the changing patterns of life/business, and how individuals function in a world of other individuals and groups. Tarot is a discipline that at once honors our common humanity and individuality. In these sessions, we explore what the tarot means to each individual, and go through group and individual readings. Group tarot sessions are great for people wanting to look at how to best face challenges in the present and the future, as well as for groups looking to strengthen and explore interpersonal dynamics.

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