Private Coaching Services

Single Coaching Session (One Hour), $100

A coaching session is your time. In these sessions, we explore your desires, hopes, fears, and ambitions. We discuss relationships, personal well-being, and the soul's journey with all of its twists and turns. The topics are guided by what you want to explore, achieve, and talk about. From the standpoint of what you wish to discuss, we then turn to astrology, tarot, and occasionally a yoga skill or two (if applicable) to get to the bottom of the issue and discuss any related astrological transits. These sessions are conversational and fun. Astrology and tarot coaching can be a fun way to explore life and to find peace and strategies in the middle of challenging situations. Before I take you on as a coaching client, I ask that you fill our a brief questionnaire to help me know more about you.

Package of Five Coaching Sessions, $400

A package set of coaching sessions (see description above) with a 20% discount!


Astrology and Tarot Group Services


Group or Business Astrology Session, $250/hour (2 hour minimum)

Group astrology sessions bring people together, encourage collaborative environments, and offer nonjudgemental ways to discuss interpersonal communication. In these sessions, I guide readings that either focus on a general interpretation, or that explore a specific area (such as business, communication, partnerships, familial circumstances, love, etc). By the end of this session, each person will have a deeper understanding of their own chart, and a better understanding of the differences that make us each distinct individuals who can work and live in harmony. Group astrology sessions are great for people wanting to look more deeply at individual and group dynamics.
Note: before finalizing these sessions, I'll need to know the times, dates, and locations of birth for the group members, so that I can draw up their charts.

Group or Business Tarot Session, $250/hour (2 hour minimum)

Group tarot sessions offer a way to explore and understand the changing patterns of life/business, and how individuals function in a world of other individuals and groups. Tarot is a discipline that at once honors our common humanity and individuality. In these sessions, we explore what the tarot means to each individual, and go through group and individual readings. Group tarot sessions are great for people wanting to look at how to best face challenges in the present and the future, as well as for groups looking to strengthen and explore interpersonal dynamics.

Yoga Group Services

Group or Business Yoga Session, $200/hour

Group sessions bring people together, encourage teamwork and understanding, and offer healthy ways to exercise and cope with stress. These sessions range from beginner to advanced levels and can cover vinyasa (rigorous flow), hatha (more alignment focused), goal-specific (like relaxation or achieving a deeper backbend), restorative (relaxing), or meditative flows. For group sessions, I speak with the organizer before booking to determine what sort of session is appropriate to your group.

 Photo courtesy of Mudra Yoga

Photo courtesy of Mudra Yoga