About Tarot

Tarot cards hold deep, cross-cultural wisdom that evolved through cultures and ages using the universal language of symbols.

Even without laying a spread, tarot cards offer a pictorial representation of a Cabalistic path that honors our highest consciousness as central to our personal evolution.

You can ask the tarot a question, and read the cards to discover what path leads to an answer. 

I know what it feels like to contemplate a big question and wish for some specific guidance. 

Perhaps you find yourself thinking through the same possibilities over and over, cycling through worry without seeing the way forward.

What path should you take when the way forward isn't clear?

How can you make a decision between several choices when the outcomes seem murky, mixed, mysterious?

Where can you look that will help you clarify your options?

The key lies in aligning with your highest purpose.

When you align your subjective, personal reality with broader reality and the energetic frequency of truth, consciousness, and bliss, then you'll have your answer.

The tarot cards are merely tools to help you navigate your path through your question, to help you discover the allies and tools you had all along or the ones soon to come your way.

I'm here to help you use the tarot to unlock your hidden answers, your path forward.


How Tarot Readings Work

It's important to choose a tarot option that suits your needs. I offer both single sessions and a 3 month premium plan (note, this include astrology).


A single Tarot Reading

Ask a question and see what the cards have in store for you! Journey your way through the symbols that point you always toward a higher truth, a pathway of light. Allow yourself to honor your journey as you're living it. 

Personal birth numerology included by request (just let me know if you'd like one!).



3 Month Personal Empowerment Plan

If you're ready to dig in, dive deep, and detox from whatever is blocking your innate wisdom and power from shining through, this 3 month package may be for you. Through this package, we'll meet at a set time every other week for 12 weeks. You'll receive personalized guidance based on your chart, your tarot spread, and your yoga practice. Find:

  • Specific, actionable activities to manipulate your astrology chart and produce massive growth

  • Personalized activities and yoga flows to help you navigate important astrology transits

  • Additional resources, tools, crystals, etc.

What you'll get:

  • Six personalized sessions:

    • Session 1 is an astrology reading where we clarify your goals for our 12 weeks together and peek generally at the highlights of your chart.

    • Session 2 is an astro yoga session where we create a practice for you to flow at home based on your goals. Note: I believe all people can do yoga, and this practice is personally tailored to your needs, not some imagined yogic ideal.

    • Session 3 is an astrology reading where we check in specifically with transits, elemental energies, and tendencies in your chart and tap into specific actions that help you create momentum toward what you most desire.

    • Session 4 is a tarot and numerology session addressing one of your most pressing questions.

    • Session 5 is an astrology reading where we tweak the goals and activities from session 3 and locate new areas for growth.

    • Session 6 is an astro yoga consultation where we create another flow that balances out the flow created in session 2.

  • In between sessions, email check-ins

  • Other abundant surprises to enhance your journey


Emily was wonderful! She created a quite, peaceful, safe place for me to explore my questions regarding my path for the next year. Her reading was insightful, interesting, encouraging and spot on with where I am at in my life. Her insights were incredibly helpful to not only provide me with encouragement that I am on the right path, but also brought awareness to possible obstacles, and challenges that could effect the path that I am on.
— Shannon Swanson, Health Coach

Wondering if Tarot is for you? See if you identify with the following:

  • You've got a specific question and want some guidance

  • You love symbolic associations and find symbols and images easier to digest than numbers

  • You're interested in the journey of the tarot or in using the tarot to learn more about your human experience

  • You've read thus far and you're oh-so-curious


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Tarot FAQs

  • How long is a tarot reading? Most tarot readings last between 30 and 45 minutes

  • How do I get started? You can email me for more info by submitting the form above, or you can click through to schedule an appointment!

  • I'm a yoga teacher, will this be useful to me? YES! I believe yoga teachers benefit immensely from the path offered through tarot.

  • Is there much tarot in the 3 month package? Technically, there is only one tarot reading in the 3 month package. If your interest lies in tarot more than astrology, we can swap out one or two astrology sessions for tarot readings.

  • What can I expect? You can expect to ask a question of the cards and discover some new possibilities!

  • Why do you need to know my birth date? I need to know this for your birth numerology. If you'd rather not say, it's unnecessary for a tarot reading without birth numerology.

  • Where do these readings happen? Everyone has the option to meet me online via Zoom, and locals have the option of coming to my office for a reading.

I often reflect on the information she gave me. I would recommend Emily to anyone who would like a deeper understanding of themselves no matter their experience with yoga, astrology or tarot.
— Emily Peacock