My approach to Yoga

photo courtesy of Mudra Yoga

photo courtesy of Mudra Yoga

Yoga Should make you feel good

I believe that a yoga practice offers a path toward mental, physical, and emotional resilience.  Your yoga practice is a path toward self discovery, powerful stillness, and deep joy. 

I love my practice and believe it is an honor to guide group practices. I am dedicated to crafting practices that help the body flourish, and that focus on safe principles of alignment. I like to have fun, and it’s my hope that each practice I design will leave the students feeling great physically and mentally.


Yoga Services

Public Yoga Classes, Price determined by studio

Please see the schedule page for a list of my current public classes, locations, and pricing.

Private Yoga Session, $75/hour

If you want to take your practice deeper, or if you're just getting started and want to learn the basics before moving to a public studio, private sessions might be for you! Private sessions focus on your practice and what you most want to achieve. These sessions can focus on personal training, optimal alignment, pranayama (breath work), learning the basic postures, advancing a deeper practice, or recovering from injury or giving birth. I am dedicated to crafting practices that help your body flourish! For individual sessions, please let me know if you are recovering from injury, are pregnant, or have recently given birth.

Group or Business Yoga Session, $200/hour

Group sessions bring people together, encourage teamwork and understanding, and offer healthy ways to exercise and cope with stress. These sessions range from beginner to advanced levels and can cover vinyasa (rigorous flow), hatha (more alignment focused), goal-specific (like relaxation or achieving a deeper backbend), restorative (relaxing), or meditative flows. For group sessions, I speak with the organizer before booking to determine what sort of session is appropriate to your group.

Public Yoga Schedule


Weekly Public Classes at Mudra Yoga

Wednesday 5:30p Vinyasa Yoga
I teach a vigorous flow with attention to alignment and some deep relaxation toward the end. Check out this class if  mindfulness meeting vigor sounds fun for you.

Wednesday 7:00p Relax and Restore
Ever need to unwind mid-week? This class moves through restorative and therapeutic postures to create balance, stillness, and healing in the body. Come to this class to bring some peace to your day.

Sunday 9:15a Steady Flow Yoga
This class is alignment focused and will give you both flexibility and strength. Try this class if you're looking to strengthen your practice or if  you're looking for an alignment-centered class.

Mudra Yoga Eugene

199 E 5th Ave, Suite 33
Eugene, OR 97401

Classes at Mudra cost $15 for a drop in, and price per class goes down if you purchase them as a package. If it's your first time at Mudra Yoga, they have a stellar deal--$50 for 30 days unlimited classes.