About Astro Yoga

Astro Yoga has the capacity to create massive growth that's personalized to you, if you're willing to engage with it. 

Astro yoga is the ancient (first documented thousands of years ago!) connection between yogic practices and astrology. It is both a field of study and a practice born of a combination of traditions throughout the world. 

With the right techniques, you can ignite your potential and see amazing progress in your yoga practice and your life.

I invite you to browse this page to see if astro yoga might be what you've been searching for.

I know what it feels like to feel like you're navigating life without a map while everyone else seems to know exactly where they're going and what they're doing.

Perhaps you look around and see others who seem certain of what they want in their careers, relationships, families, and creative lives. Perhaps you look at yourself and see some gaping questions. 

Where can you find the guidance you need toward fulfilling you deep desires?

Imagine creating the personal, professional, and emotional situations you dream of in a way that feels natural.

I want to invite you to access the tools and techniques that will unlock your greatest potential.

Are you local to Eugene, Oregon? Join me for this weekly class!

Are you local to Eugene, Oregon? Join me for this weekly class!


How Astro Yoga Sessions Work

It's important to choose an astro yoga practice that suits your needs. I offer both single sessions and a 3 month premium plan.

Also: if you’re local, I offer a weekly class and other events. Email me for details.


A single Astro Yoga Session

Personalize your home yoga practice through your astrology chart! In this 2 hour session, we'll work together to create a flow customized to your astrology chart and yoga experience level! Use your chart to craft a yoga practice that will serve you as you progress on your yoga and life journey. 



3 Month Personal Empowerment Plan

If you're ready to dig in, dive deep, and detox from whatever is blocking your innate wisdom and power from shining through, this 3 month package may be for you. Through this package, we'll meet at a set time every other week for 12 weeks. You'll receive personalized guidance based on your chart, your tarot spread, and your yoga practice. Find:

  • Specific, actionable activities to manipulate your astrology chart and produce massive growth

  • Personalized activities and yoga flows to help you navigate important astrology transits

  • Additional resources, tools, crystals, etc.

What you'll get:

  • Six personalized sessions:

    • Session 1 is an astrology reading where we clarify your goals for our 12 weeks together and peek generally at the highlights of your chart.

    • Session 2 is an astro yoga session where we create a practice for you to flow at home based on your goals. Note: I believe all people can do yoga, and this practice is personally tailored to your needs, not some imagined yogic ideal.

    • Session 3 is an astrology reading where we check in specifically with transits, elemental energies, and tendencies in your chart and tap into specific actions that help you create momentum toward what you most desire.

    • Session 4 is a tarot and numerology session addressing one of your most pressing questions.

    • Session 5 is an astrology reading where we tweak the goals and activities from session 3 and locate new areas for growth.

    • Session 6 is an astro yoga consultation where we create another flow that balances out the flow created in session 2.

  • In between sessions, email check-ins

  • Other abundant surprises to enhance your journey


Normally I would intimidated to venture into this unknown world but I’m so glad that I did. She was incredibly knowledgeable and patient when I asked questions. Her enthusiasm to read my chart was heartening and I often reflect on the information she gave me. I would recommend Emily to anyone who would like a deeper understanding of themselves no matter their experience with yoga, astrology or tarot.
— Emily Peacock

Wondering if Astro Yoga is for you? See if you identify with the following:

  • You're a yoga lover who wants a personalized approach to your practice that aligns with the universe and your dharma

  • You're an astrology lover who wants to start or deepen your yoga practice

  • You're a yoga teacher who wants to better understand the yoga/astrology connection

  • You're totally new to yoga and astrology but you want to align with both as you begin your practice

  • You've read thus far and you're oh-so-curious


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Astro Yoga FAQs

  • How long is an Astro Yoga session? A single session is 2 hours, but if I'm working with you long term, it will only take 1 hour since we'll already be deep into your chart and won't have as much background to cover.

  • How do I get started? You can email me for more info by submitting the form above, or you can click through to schedule an appointment!

  • I'm a yoga teacher, will this be useful to me? YES! I believe yoga teachers benefit immensely from being able to flow using the energetic imprints available to them. An astro practice will spur growth in your teaching, your personal practice, and your life!

  • I'm totally new to yoga, can I do this? Because sessions are personal, we can create an astro practice that is suitable to any level, from beginner to advanced.

  • What 'kind' of yoga will we practice? I'm trained in a number of styles: Ashtanga, Anusara, Hatha, Vinyasa. We will create a practice that is suitable for your overall goals. If you take the 3 month empowerment plan, then we may create a more energetic flow and a more restorative flow. Please feel free to indicate if you have preferences.

  • What can I expect? You can expect to advance your yoga practice and gain understanding of your astrology chart. You can expect to feel totally empowered, able, and whole! (You already are!)

  • Why do you need to know my birth date, birth location, and time of birth? I need this in order to draw up your astrology chart.

  • What if I can't locate my birth time? We can do an astro practice without it, but I suggest getting a regular astrology reading in order to have a more accurate astro yoga practice later on.

  • Where do these sessions happen? Everyone has the option to meet me online via Zoom, and locals have the option of coming to my office.

Emily is well-informed and approachable! Whether you’re new to astrology or an old pro, she has a way of drawing up the layers of your reading for your continued understanding. She sat patiently with me... Emily helped me integrate a picture of the system and position of the stars as a means for understanding my unique cosmic makeup and my movement within the big scope.
— Libby Cox, E-RYT 500, Director, Two Birds Yoga Training