If you've ever...

  • sensed you have a purpose, but couldn’t quite grasp it
  • known you had a dream to realize but couldn’t understand how to make it happen
  • repeated relationship dynamics only to experience heartbreak and frustration
  • desired safety, comfort, adventure, and growth all at the same time
  • suffered a trauma that was difficult to speak about but desperately wanted to heal
  • just wanted some answers to life's big questions

…then you already know that the answers to life’s big problems can’t be solved externally.

Perhaps you thought you wanted a job or relationship and then discovered it wasn’t the right choice. Perhaps you’ve followed all the rules but lost your voice along the way. Perhaps your relationship, career, education, emotional well being, or physical health have let you down or simply failed to satisfy your deep yearnings for fulfillment. 

Whatever the case, these experiences leave people with deep questions. Some people never find answers. Others turn toward religion, education, food, or anything that promises answers.

But some people look within.

If accessing inner guidance is something you want to do, but you aren't sure how and don't want to blindly trust every self-proclaimed 'expert' or guru out there, I'm here to help. I believe that each of us is capable of connecting with and realizing our innermost desires, and I know how to help you reach your goals and discover your path

Whether you try a yoga class, come for an astrology or tarot reading, or work with me through personal coaching, the methods I use are rooted in time-tested practices that connect our deep selves to the outside world. As a trained folklorist, I connect these practices together through their common heritage as systemic wisdom, but I use each of them simply because they produce results.

In fact, using systemic wisdom is one of the surest ways (this knowledge has stood the test of time!) to find the path that most suits you.

In a world where we’re told that new is better and that external judgements are more important than our own, learn to look within to create the life you want. The fulfillment you desire is available inside you! Learn to harness your capacity for growth, peace, and lasting change. Create happiness in your body, health, relationships, career, and overall experience. Live the life you really want.


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Giving Back


It's all about caring deeply...

You and I already share ourselves with the world in meaningful and diverse ways. Whenever we spend time with friends and family, volunteer, or contribute productively to public dialogue, we are giving back. One way I am committed to giving back is through the donation of a minimum 10% of all profits from my business.

Here are some causes I care deeply about:

  • Stopping violence and hate crimes against women, minorities, and immigrants
  • Preventing school and gun violence
  • Funding education and the arts

I'd love to hear what you care deeply about!