Interested in adding wellness to your workplace?

  • You're looking for a way to serve your staff and business partners holistically—taking into account how the mind/body affect healthy work environments

  • You want your office to be a place where your employees thrive

  • You want to promote optimal health and wellbeing to reduce sickness and burnout in the office

  • You want to try new and interesting team building methods that support a respectful workplace

  • You’re hoping to build energy and morale among your employees and coworkers

  • You’ve heard of the benefits of meditation (or experienced them yourself!) and want to give that gift to your office

  • You've read thus far and you're oh-so-curious


About Business and Group Sessions

We spend so much of our adult lives at work.

No matter your chosen profession, you probably have some similar hopes for your job: professional and financial fulfillment, the ability to make a difference in your field, and the ability to perform your job at a high level.

Today, we are savvier than ever about what it takes for a business to perform optimally, and it’s pretty simple really: you need healthy, engaged people working on your team.

Gone are the days when we thought overwork and over stress translated to higher productivity. Today we know that to have happy, healthy, productive businesses, the best thing to do is cultivate a healthy, open workplace.

It takes a lot to make a workplace thrive:

Ample moments to decompress, destress, and open up to the possibilities in challenges rather than the obstacles; strategic team building to encourage creative thought, empathy, and broader awareness; opportunities to take care of your physical health, so that your mind can be able to work.

I know what it feels like to encourage both creativity and productivity; relaxation and forward motion; vibrant health and team focus.

Perhaps you want the best for your employees, and that includes health and well-being.

Perhaps you want to find new ways for your team to connect to each other and their work.

Perhaps you know that happy, relaxed, connected team-players create connected and effective businesses.

I’m here to help.


How Business and Group Sessions Work

It's important to choose a package that suits your needs. I offer both single sessions and recurring contracts.


Recurring Group Relaxation or Fitness Class

Have a group session once or twice a week for your office. Choose what sort of yoga you’d like: energizing, restorative, or both.

Starting at $100/session


Wellness Day

Book an entire day of wellness for your employees, once a month! I mix group yoga, breath-work techniques, meditation, and astrology/tarot into an engaging fun-filled day! Choose among the following packages:

  • Relax, Restore, Recharge: use yogic techniques to find restoration from stress

  • Yoga Energy: use yogic techniques to rev up your energy

  • Explore Inner Worlds: tap into what’s going on inside so that you can be more effective on the outside

  • Themed day based on one of my workshops

Starting at $1500 for businesses of under 20 people


Special Event/Luncheon/Team Building/Inservice

Give a gift to your team! I design these specially for each business’s needs. Here are some examples of what I could do for your team:

  • Team yoga sessions based on a specific goal (relaxation, back/neck health, communication, etc)

  • Team astrology where we explore a specific aspect of your group charts (communication, creativity, personality, etc)

  • Personalized readings/meditations for individuals or small groups

  • Special event based on one of my workshops

Starting at $555


Custom Wellness Package

Contact me today to discuss your needs.

Talking with Emily about my natal chart was like sitting in a mini-therapy session. I’ve always been an Aries sun who doesn’t entirely feel like an Aries, and now I understand why! Our session left me with a lot of valuable food for thought and a deeper understanding of my place in this world. I would definitely recommend Emily’s services to anyone who’s interested in self-reflection and growth.
— Lindsay

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Business and Group FAQs

  • I’m planning an event that doesn’t quite fit with your services. Can I still hire you? Yes! I’m open to speaking with you about your event. Just send me an email or fill out the contact form above.

  • How do I get started? You can email me for more info by submitting the form above, or you can click through to schedule an appointment!

  • Our business is new to yoga/astrology/wellness. Are your services suitable to beginners? YES! I believe these techniques will benefit most people. My services are designed with you in mind. At the time of booking I’ll ask what your group’s general experience level is and plan accordingly.

  • I love yoga but am not so much into astrology. Can you just do yoga? Absolutely. These packages are catered to you. I can also do sessions that are solely astrology or tarot.

  • My group has special needs. Do you offer services that address that? Yes! I am happy to offer yoga sessions or classes suited to the needs of your group.

  • I scheduled a group astrology session. Why do you need to know our birth dates, birth locations, and times of birth? I need this in order to draw up the astrology charts.

  • What if I can't locate my birth time? We can do an astrology reading without it, and perhaps we can make our best guess at the time. Note: your reading will be most accurate with an accurate birth time.

Emily was wonderful! She created a quite, peaceful, safe place for me to explore my questions regarding my path for the next year. Her reading was insightful, interesting, encouraging and spot on with where I am at in my life. Her insights were incredibly helpful to not only provide me with encouragement that I am on the right path, but also brought awareness to possible obstacles, and challenges that could effect the path that I am on.
— Shannon Swanson, Health Coach