Yoga Services

Public Yoga Classes, Price determined by studio

Please see below for a list of my current public classes, locations, and pricing.

Private Yoga Session, $75/hour

If you want to take your practice deeper, or if you're just getting started and want to learn the basics before moving to a public studio, private sessions might be for you! Private sessions focus on your practice and what you most want to achieve. These sessions can focus on personal training, optimal alignment, pranayama (breath work), learning the basic postures, advancing a deeper practice, or recovering from injury or giving birth. I am dedicated to crafting practices that help your body flourish! For individual sessions, please let me know if you are recovering from injury, are pregnant, or have recently given birth.

Group or Business Yoga Session, see Group/Business Page

Group sessions bring people together, encourage teamwork and understanding, and offer healthy ways to exercise and cope with stress. These sessions range from beginner to advanced levels and can cover vinyasa (rigorous flow), hatha (more alignment focused), goal-specific (like relaxation or achieving a deeper backbend), restorative (relaxing), or meditative flows. For group sessions, I speak with the organizer before booking to determine what sort of session is appropriate to your group.

Yoga Workshops

When offering one of my workshops at your festival, event, or studio, we'll speak first to determine the appropriate length for each event or series. I suggest at least 90 minutes for each type of session.

Astro Yoga Workshop

Learn the basics of Astro Yoga: how elements and signs work their way into your asana practice; why to practice astro yoga; and how to begin your practice.

Astro Yoga Workshop: Specific Topic

Want to know more about your emotions (moon), capacity to communicate (Mercury), or your capacity to love and create beauty (Venus?) How about your ability to motivate and stand up for your own divine power (Mars)? Dive deeper into Astro Yoga on a topic we choose together.

Backbend Workshop

Backbending is so much more than just bending your back! Learn how to safely move the body through backhanding postures and to create depth and movement. Increase your backhanding potential, build strength, and protect your spine from injury! 

Philosophy of Yoga Workshop

Learn the basics of yoga philosophy. There's so much more than Patanjali's Yoga Sutras. Explore the basic tenets of yoga, including a broad overview of the chakras, kanchukas, prana, and more!

Philosophy of Yoga Workshop: Specific Topic

Want to learn more about the Tantra, Malas, Kanchukas, Tattvas, Pranic systems etc? Dive deeper into an aspect of philosophy we choose together!

Chakra workshop

Balance your chakras with this powerful experiential alignment course.

Elemental Workshop

Allow earth to support you, water to nourish you, fire to revitalize you, and air to take you beyond. Learn how to invite the elements into your practice to balance your body and your mind. 

Yoga, Ecology, and Global Sustainability

Get deep and get ready to walk the walk with this broad look at the environmental-yoga connection.

Yoga, Travel, and You

Take some time to reflect on how travel, yoga, and the stories we tell ourselves come together to create global impact.