My approach to Yoga

photo courtesy of Mudra Yoga

photo courtesy of Mudra Yoga

Yoga Should make you feel good.

I believe that a yoga practice offers a path toward mental, physical, and emotional resilience.  Your yoga practice is a path toward self discovery, powerful stillness, and deep joy. 

 My teaching is deeply informed by my background. I merge a deep commitment to safe biomechanics with my passion for the philosophical and metaphysical. I believe a healthy yoga practice that merges all three of these topics is essential to all true seekers on the yogic path.

 In my academic and professional life, I've spent over a decade examining yogic philosophy; symbolism and spirit work in modern and ancient times; and the practice of intentional, equitable travel for ecological and cultural sustainability. I've worked with seekers of all ages who want to walk the yogic path while aligning their bodies/minds with optimal health. 

When you work with me long-term, you'll have many opportunities to explore what being a yogi in today's world looks like in your life.

I love my practice and believe it is an honor to guide group practices. I am dedicated to crafting practices that help the body flourish, and that focus on safe principles of alignment. I like to have fun, and it’s my hope that each practice I design will leave the students feeling great physically and mentally.