I help individuals and teams in Eugene, Oregon and across the world harness their greatest strengths, discover their hidden purpose, and connect with the life they truly desire through systemic wisdom present in yoga, astrology, and tarot.


I’m a folklorist who uses astrology, yoga, and tarot to make sense of the world around me. That means that when I do a reading or teach a class, I draw on a rich foundation of mythology, tradition, cultural knowledge, and my day-to-day experience to bring understanding to whatever your situation. This unique intertwining of systems has helped my mind, body, and spirit through both challenging and good times, and I show people how they can do the same.

The fulfillment we all desire is available inside each one of us. Tap into your capacity for growth, peace, and lasting change. Create happiness in your body, health, relationships, career, and daily experience. Learn to live the life you really want, and find the tools that can help you along the way.



Get to know my story and my approach to astrology, tarot, and yoga.

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