A Reflection on the Capricorn Full Moon

Sunday, July 9 marked a full moon in Capricorn, significant to me because it’s my sun sign.

I’ve seen a lot of astrologers lately who are writing about full moons. Full moons are a time to examine a completed cycle, to find wholeness in ourselves, and to look for balance in our emotions. But what does it all mean?

The emotive energy of the moon joining with the practical energy of an earth sign can be confusing. Often, when I’m doing readings, people ask for practical answers and examples to balance the abstract language of astrology.

Every life is unique, and our circumstances are distinct (just like our astrology charts). So, here is what this full moon meant to me: a lot of surprises, namely, I broke my back.**

I am okay, or I would not be writing this. I took a fall, and have a compression fracture in my lumbar spine. Luckily, there was no nerve damage, and I should be able to recover fully (although the jury is still out on whether my upcoming holiday plans will remain in tact).

This is, however, an excellent learning opportunity for me, not only in my daily practice as a yogi, but also in my self-understanding as a human being.

In astrology, Capricorn energy is always striving, higher and higher, but Capricorn energy is a practical energy. The moon energy is emotive, so this full moon is all about practical emotions, striving toward goals, and facing our own shortcomings with dignity and understanding.

I had planned to do many things this week that simply won’t happen. I had goals that I was emotionally attached to that I’ll have to let go of. But, I also had things I was taking for granted, like my mobility, health, and those around me, that I’m now entirely grateful for.

I had to leave the certainty of plans and perfection in order to step into the great unknown, and to hope for the best, even as I relinquish control over my circumstances to focus once more on what I do have control over—my actions, my attitude, my decisions.

For me, this full moon means focusing on what is truly important, and developing gratitude and emotional peace surrounding those things which are always worth striving for—health, connection, kindness, and peace.

I hope you all are having a wonderful full moon, and I’d love to hear what it meant to you! Send me an email or leave a comment if you’d like to share!

**Please note that the full moon in Capricorn in no way caused my back problem. Rather, I’m pointing out how the Capricorn moon energy can be harnessed to understand emotions on an astrological level. No fearing the full moon :)