Aries, Equinox, and a Look at Unity within Duality


The equinox is happening, which means it’s the first day of spring (on March 20) AND the first day of the new solar year.

It’s the perfect time to explore just what the sun has to do with the zodiac calendar and the sign of Aries.

You might be aware that the cardinal astrology signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn) each coincide with an equinox or a solstice. The spring equinox brings Aries; the summer solstice brings Cancer; the fall equinox brings Libra; and the winter solstice brings Capricorn. In some ways, this is why the energy is considered cardinal, because it leads us in a certain direction. And indeed, if we looked at these signs on a map, they would point in the four cardinal directions (north, south, east, west).

These are the four directions we use to live our lives. 

Today, let’s discuss Aries. Aries energy marks the beginning of the zodiac, the leader who will move forward and create action. This is a time to literally and figuratively plant seeds (both for your garden and for your life). The seeds begin to sprout this season, and you’ll find that with the sun returning, you’ll likely have all the energy you need to set your goals into motion!

Aries is the energy that takes us from a time of darkness ruling the days to light ruling the days. Aries lives on that threshold. This is the energy that takes something from the intuitive or thought-state (a wish, a goal, an intention) to the state of action (beginning, initiating, acting).

The equinox reminds us that there is always a time when you’re perfectly in-between: the moment between thought and action; Or, that pause at the top of the inhale before you breathe out. Likewise, there is a moment that isn’t spring, and isn’t winter--it’s both.

These moments are important because they help us experience unity among duality. In yoga and astrology, this isn’t just a central point: it’s THE central point.

We perceive things in duality: this and that; energy and matter; light and dark; hot and cold. But, both science and  yoga explain that while our perception is dual, tinted by our experience, perception, semiotics, and thought, the reality is that we are all part of one universe.

We simply use duality because it’s helpful for us and enables us to live specific lives filled with communication, stories, joy, and growth.

Equinoxes remind us that while duality is our perception, we are all connected to a greater wheel.

I hope this new year brings each of you what you most desire! Now is a great time to get a jump start on the new year through a personalized reading or yoga session!