The Dawning Aquarian Age: Why is the World So Crazy Right Now?

It seems like everywhere I walk in town I hear echoes of conversations (the world sure is crazy right now… can you believe the news? What did Trump do now?) 

Perhaps in every age people make comments like this, but there’s no denying that lately things have seemed…just a little crazier than usual.

When big things happen, astrology usually has something to say about it, and this is no exception. However, this cluster of time is different from any one specific event (Trump’s election, Brexit, the general atmosphere of social change/resistance to change). So, what is it that’s going on?

Well, for the last few decades, we’ve been experiencing the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

If you’re like me, hearing people mention the aquarian age brings up memories of 5th Dimension music (when the moon, is in the seventh house… and jupiter aligns with mars…..) and possibly that last scene in The 40 Year Old Virgin

But, as astrology enthusiasts, it’s important that we recognize what the Aquarian Age is! And more importantly, the hope it has to offer us in these crazy times.

First, what objectively is the Aquarian Age?

In astrology the ‘natural’ sign/house placement begins with Aries in the 1st house and moves to Pisces in the 12th house. In astrology, an age lasts roughly 2160 years. Most astrologers believe there is a time of transition. While different schools of astrology calculate time differently (see my post on the sidereal vs tropical zodiac) most astrologers agree that we are at the cusp of the Aquarian age. This will last for roughly 72 years and started in the late 70s.

During this roughly 72 year cusp, the earth progresses quickly. And, as with any time of forward movement, there is resistance, push back, and challenge from all sides, making this time, well, a little crazier than normal.

But what is it we’re moving toward?

Each house in the zodiac represents a different life zone. Here are the shifts we can expect to see as we move from the Piscean Age into the Aquarian Age.

1st house (Self)

Piscean Age: Pisces. Our sense of being and self understanding was known through religion and spirituality characteristic of Piscean energy. 

Aquarian Age: Aquarius. We will understand ourselves through intellect and self-inquiry characteristic of Aquarian energy. 

2nd House (Assets)

Piscean Age: Aries. We gained money through work ethic and direct communication, regardless of what was in our path. 

Aquarian Age: Pisces. Personal finance can be ruled by seeking what is soulful, artistic, and good for the soul.

3rd House (Education, Communication)

Piscean Age: Taurus. Scholastic success and education depended dogged determination and stubbornness.

Aquarian Age: Aries. Scholastic success will go to those who have the self-determined, willful force of Aries energy.

4th House (Home)

Piscean Age: Gemini. The homes created for ourselves and for our children are filled with creativity and social interactions and lots of activity for the mind (as seen through the rise of social media).

Aquarian: Taurus. The home will become a place to root down and stay, the one steady factor in our fast-paced world.

5th House (Creative Life)

Piscean Age: Cancer. Creative life was seen as largely emotional or as a way to exhibit self-care.

Aquarian Age: Gemini. Creative life will be seen as essential to mental sharpness and meaningful in collaborative efforts.

6th House (Career)

Piscean Age: Leo. Charisma and personal will was important to creating a successful career, and the job force was male-dominated.

Aquarian Age: Cancer. People who nurture their careers and seek out opportunities they care about will find more success than the simply charismatic.

7th House (Partnership)

Piscean Age: Virgo. Partnerships and marriages prized virtue above all else, and divorces were seldom because vows were not taken lightly.

Aquarian Age: Leo. Partnerships and marriages will become more fluid and depend on continued, heartfelt passion to thrive.

8th House (Catalysts)

Piscean Age: Libra. Inheritance, finances, and major upsets were treated through the justice system, or in small matters, by what was even.

Aquarian Age: Virgo. Inheritance, finances, and major upsets will be looked at more holistically, with an eye for what is equitable, rather than simply balanced.

9th House (International Travel, Higher Education)

Piscean Age: Scorpio. International travel was sought only by those whose truest passions were travel, as often (particularly in the early Piscean Age before flight) travel was to the unknown and/or permanent. Higher education was sought through passion, and focused in specialization.

Aquarian Age: Libra. International travel and higher education will seek to provide balance to the lives of individuals. The liberal arts education gains more popularity than specialization.

10th House (Public Sphere)

Piscean Age: Sagittarius. In the public sphere people gained acclaim through their philosophies on how things should be, on their unrelenting inquiry into their field or fields.

Aquarian Age: Scorpio. People will gain public acclaim when they single-mindedly devote themselves to a passion.

11th House (Community)

Piscean Age: Capricorn. Community relations devoted themselves to upward mobility, survival, and protection.

Aquarian Age: Sagittarius. Communities devote themselves to the inquiry into what is ethical, and best for all. There is a community focus on philosophical ideals.

12th House (Dissolution)

Piscean Age: Aquarius. Religion and major endings in life took on a less emotional and squarely civically minded approach, as seen by the intersection of religion and the state over the past 2000 years. 

Aquarian Age: Capricorn. Religion and major endings will take on a deeply personal approach, and a general belief in climbing higher through deconstructing ideals will take hold in the general population.


If you have any thoughts on how the age shift is being felt on earth right now, I'd love to hear from you! 

EDIT: I wrote this post only hours before the tragic attack in Las Vegas. This post in no way seeks to explain or comment on this horrible event. I offer my deepest condolences to the people affected by this event, and it is my strong hope that the American citizens and government find a way to ban guns of this type and prevent future tragedies from occurring.