The (Sahasrara) Chakra Approach to… Awareness, Expansion, and Universal Truth

My public classes have just completed a week of exploring the sahasrara or crown chakra. This completed our seven-week chakra exploration. In case you missed these experiential sessions on the sahasrara chakra, here are some highlights:

General Overview: You are capable of creating a sense of expansive peace, universal connection, gratitude, and trust through activating and balancing your sahasrara chakra. The sahasrara chakra is the energy center that asserts that everything in the universe is connected through energy, space, and matter. The seventh chakra can be balanced by first addressing all six lower chakras, and then sitting in meditation, or doing a meditative activity that helps you feel your connection with others or nature. An in-balance sahasrara chakra allows you to let go of attachments and trust that things are unfolding as they should. This chakra helps you develop faith in yourself and in life. 

The sahasrara chakra asserts that “I UNDERSTAND!”.

The sahasrara chakra rules the nervous system, cerebral cortex, and pineal gland. It’s related to the color violet, the lack of elements or thought, and the planet Uranus.

To activate the sahasrara chakra through yoga, simply sit in meditation, and then keep that meditative state throughout your yoga practice. For this reason there is not a 15 minute yoga session for this chakra, but check out the 15 minute practices for each of the other chakras.  

On a personal note, the last seven weeks have been a treat for me. When studying the chakras, it’s rare to get to spend an entire week on each one, and I found myself quickly becoming engrossed in these practices. I was shocked at just how well each of the practices actually worked. I could feel a strong, noticeable difference each week according to which chakra I was working with, and I was amazed at just how quickly I could balance the chakras. If you haven’t already, give the 15 minute chakra sessions a try. I’d love to hear how you feel afterward!