Prepare for Your Astrology Reading with Five Easy Steps

The sun is finally out in Eugene, Oregon, and it seems like everyone in town is out celebrating this new, summery weather.  The sunshine brings increased activity, and increased activity means people are trying new things. 

Whether you're in the Eugene sun or not, I've noticed an increase in first-time astrology seekers! I've made a handy list of what you need to know to get the most from your 1st (or 2nd or 3rd or 99th) astrology reading.

1. Share what you know with your astrologer. Astrology is complex, and most astrologers could spend months exploring the details of any one chart. Your one or two hour reading will cover what the astrologer thinks is most prominent in your chart. If you already know something about your chart (do you know your moon sign? your ascendent? perhaps your north node or you have some info about signs/planets?) then it's good to let your astrologer know that, so she doesn't spend valuable time over-explaining.

Likewise, if you're completely new, share that with your astrologer so she doesn't under-explain! Some astrologers assume a basic understanding of sun signs, but everyone has different knowledge on this topic, so speak up and make sure your astrologer is speaking to your current level of knowledge.

2. Ask questions. Do you have a specific area of life you've been questioning (such as career, relationships, money, or even the way you clean your house)? Or, do you wish you understood more about how to motivate yourself to take action, or how to direct your love, creativity, and emotions in positive ways? Do you wonder where you're going in life or why you had such a difficult time last year? Questions like these all relate to specific elements in the chart

Ask your questions, and your astrologer will know where to focus to best serve your needs.

3. Know your info. It's always best if you have an accurate chart! Knowing your birth information: time of birth, location (a city or town will do) of birth, and date of birth all help your astrologer draw up an accurate chart.

4. Be curious, but let some things go. Astrologers love when you are curious about astrology! Please feel free to ask as many in-session questions as you like. Your astrologer will want to share information with you about what the different symbols mean, or what system they're using, or anything you want to know!

At the same time, astrology is complex and takes years to learn. Be prepared to release the answer to your more technical questions (hasn't the zodiac shifted?!?) after several moments if it's just not sticking. This session is for you after all, and you've hired someone to make sure she did the math, chart, and interpretation for you.  

5. Prepare for action. A good astrologer will help you understand how to harness the energies in your chart, but this will require action on your part! If there's a particular strength in the chart that you want to tap into, or an area where you'd like to see growth, have a discussion about how to best activate those energies. Then, take action!

Whatever you do, be sure to enjoy your reading. This is your time to self-reflect, examine the soul-psyche, and grow. As always, you can contact me or comment with questions, comments, or reading requests.