The BIG Why: Why astrology, yoga, and folklore matter to me

I wrote a post a couple weeks ago about how to respond when asked why you like astrology. The answers are perfectly reasonable to give to someone asking you that question, however, I later realized that they’re not the answers I give to myself.

Sure, I stand by all the answers, but there’s a deeper reason underlying all the reasons, all the questions, all the everything. This is the BIG why.

So when someone asks—why do you like all that (yoga, astrology, tarot, esoteric) stuff? Isn’t it all just a little too out-there? Too woo woo?

Well here is my reply.

I like astrology, yoga, folklore, and tarot because I believe. 

Do I believe that the stars literally affect everything on earth or that fairy tales are real? No.

I believe in the power and resiliency of the human spirit in the face of obstacles. I believe that people like you and I can harness our innate capacities for good, and use that good to create powerful and lasting change on this planet.

I believe that symbols (such as those in astrology, tarot, folklore) have power and depth that inspire us to new heights. And I believe that through it all, our physical body grounds us, sustains us, and allows us to create powerful, positive change.

These disciplines follow a path where the individual has the power to create her life, and where any one person has the power to contribute goodness to the collective whole. 

I believe that women’s ways of knowing, symbols, and intuition are important and deserve respect.

I believe that through understanding the deep symbols in even one of these disciplines, you’ll find yourself grounded firmly in your path.

I believe each of us is good and that we can move into the future with the capacity to form it into something amazing.