The Aquarian Lunar Eclipse; Mercury and Mars in Retrograde; What does it all mean???

A lot of you have been sending questions about the eclipse and about Mercury and Mars in retrograde.

These are phenomena that we talk about A LOT in popular astrology these days. (Note, I actually don't think mercury/mars retrogrades are as big a deal as some claim--more on that in a future post).

But today, I have a special message for you on this eclipse:

This eclipse is a great reminder that while what is seen has value, sometimes what is unseen--our dreams, our unexamined desires, our hidden purpose--sometimes what is unseen has a deep intelligence that we can honor.

Pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and actions during an eclipse: they will reveal a place between inner and outer, a strong pull toward a more aware, just way of living. You may find yourself thinking about your purpose, questioning if you have one at all, or fantasizing about changing the world for others in a real and deliberate way. 

You may wish to start a huge project now or to give up entirely. My advice: don't rush, and don't give up, these things take time and your heart is in the right place. 

This eclipse is happening during Mars retrograde and Mercury retrograde. For those who follow a lot of astrologers, you may notice that some say to be wary during this time, to beware of communications and actions gone awry. Some say not to enter into deals, travel, or send major communications. I say: do those things, but don't expect things to flow magically the moment you begin something new.

Know that the good things in life are worth developing: an unshakable commitment to your calling; an attitude of patience, understanding; the ability to accept and adapt to change.

Begin to experience your purpose through your thoughts, and allow your thoughts to line up both with reality and with the way you would like to see the world. This in an Aquarian eclipse at the dawn of the Aquarian age. (See my post explaining what the Aquarian age is here.) Listen to yourself, but don't be fooled into taking rash or unhelpful actions. Find purpose and clarity first. You will have time to act.

Note: This eclipse is happening at an important time as it's squaring Uranus and creating a conversation about stability and change. What exactly is stable and unchanging in life? Why do we build what we do when buildings crumble and ages end? Can we find purpose knowing the good we create is fleeting? I think yes, and I believe that even though projects fade and eras end, the good created is lasting. (Read my post on the current Uranus transit here.)