The Great American Eclipse, Part 1: What is happening, exactly?

I’ve just returned from my summer holiday. Upon returning, I opened my email, called my friends, and spoke to some colleagues only to find that most of these exchanges contained the same question: “so, what does astrology say about this eclipse?”

In these moments, I wanted to go into a lengthy diatribe, even though polite conversation required that I answer in a minute or so.

So, for all of you wondering what this eclipse is all about and how it relates to you (and for my own urges to go into detail), I’ve decided to write a two part blog to address The Great American Solar Eclipse 2017.

Part 1: What is happening, exactly?

You probably already know that a solar eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and earth line up such that the moon blocks sunlight from the earth. You may also know that this total solar eclipse is called the Great American Eclipse and it will begin in Oregon and end in South Carolina on Monday, August 21, 2017.

In astrology, solar eclipses are times when we are being urged toward something—either to let go of something (when the eclipses occur at the lunar south node) or to move toward something (when the eclipses occur at the lunar north node). 

In this case, we are being pulled toward Leo. That is, this eclipse challenges us to shed light on (see what I did there?) what makes us truly unique, what our personal desires are, what our personalities dictate (all Leo traits).

To understand ourselves, we have to let go of what is impersonal for a time to truly connect with who we are so that we can take that back out into an impersonal world. 

We have to do this whether we are ready or not.

According to your own natal chart, this eclipse will affect a specific area in your life. People with certain signs or people going through certain transits (movements of planets) may experience this more intensely, however, the eclipse is important for each one of us.

In addition to the pull toward Leo and integrating our personalities in our larger work, this solar eclipse is entering into a trine with Uranus in Aries and a loose trine with Saturn in Sagittarius.

This eclipse trine marks a timespan where we might see strong changes in areas dealing with leadership (Leo eclipse), well-thought out rules (Sagittarius Saturn), and the drive to break rules and seek freedom (Aries Uranus). You don’t need to be an astrology buff to see how these themes could fit together, but I have my own takes on how this might affect individuals and the world at large (more on this in part 2).

In addition, this is part of a series of eclipses known as a Saros eclipse. These eclipses have been watched by astrologers for centuries, with the earliest record dating back to the final several centuries BC (more on this in part 2).

Eclipses are times of rampant change and energetic movement. If you want to know how this affects you over the next 6 months, be sure to schedule a reading with me. Or, if you want to read more about how this eclipse will affect individuals and the world at large, be sure to read part 2.