The Great American Eclipse, Part 2: What does this have to do with me?

I’ve just returned from my summer holiday and came back feeling quite relaxed. I opened my email, called my friends, and spoke to some colleagues and found that most of these exchanges contained the same question: “so, what does astrology say about this eclipse?”

In these moments, I was overwhelmed with an urge to go into a lengthy diatribe, even though polite conversation required that I answer in a minute or so.

So, for all of you wondering what this eclipse is all about and how it relates to you (and for my own urges to go into detail), I’ve decided to write a two part blog to address The Great American Solar Eclipse 2017.

(If you haven’t seen it already, please take a moment to read Part 1: What is happening, exactly?)

Part 2: What might this have to do with me?

The Great American Eclipse is in Leo trine Uranus with the south node in Aquarius. BUT, if that sentence seemed like a jumble of words, here’s what you need to know: 

Eclipses happen when the full or new moon is close to one of the lunar nodes, which means every eclipse has a strong pull toward both the sun and the moon. When the eclipse is closer to the north node (as in this eclipse), we push toward this area of life, in this case Leo. Leo is the sign of the personality, the ego, the individual who wants to make themselves known. It can be a keen area to develop for leaders, but also an area to keep in check, particularly if you have a tendency to allow your personality to dominate others.

In fact, this sort of Saros eclipse is associated with the fall of egotistical leaders (topical, for my American readers), whether through political or physical means (such as illness). Since these eclipses are generally felt for about six months, it will be interesting to watch domineering leaders to see how they fare. 

However, for many of us in our personal lives, leadership is a quality that we could stand to develop more.

Perhaps you’ve been losing yourself in favor of intellectual disengagement, or neglecting your personality and opinions because they differ from the opinions of others. If that is the case, now is the time to speak up, use your voice! 

The trine with Uranus should help you to speak up, since Uranus helps us break boundaries and move with greater freedom. In addition, the loose trine with Saturn, the enforcer of boundaries, will help you stay within your personal limits.

If you feel yourself bouncing back and forth between the boundless vs the boundaries and the personal vs the group, don’t worry, this sort of movement is normal and can help us ultimately strike a healthy balance.

Of course, the area in your life is affected by the eclipse and the natal planets that are affected are individual to your personal astrology. If you want to know how these next six months might affect you personally, schedule a reading!